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Woman Suffragan Bishop? Isn't that more than a bit divisive and discriminatory? All ministers, clerical or lay, must serve all without regard to any immutable characteristic.
other considerations and a concern:

(Current Constitution, 67.9; proposed Statutes, Guidelines for the Selection of Bishops, 3.8):  “Upon confirmation of a Regional Bishop, the churches that have formed the new Region shall establish a form of governance that evidences a Regional Synodal polity that includes both Laity and Clergy and is representative of the diversity of the Communities in that Region.”

and (proposed Statutes, ECC Sacramental Guidelines):  “The bishop’s role in preserving the peace of the church is a proactive one, exercised collegially with the presbytery, and the deacons, and interactively with the laity. … A church’s bishop also serves as the representative of the local church (diocese) working collegially with bishops of other churches within the Communion – sharing ideas, insights and concerns, fostering collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of all the sister churches – and interprets the church at large to the local church.”

a concern:  A Suffragan Woman Bishop would need some sort of synodal connections to the people and clergy as well as a conciliar relationship with the Episcopal Council, so as not to be a bishop without the essential relationships that ground said ministry.

I’m not sure who would serve on her “Council.”  I don’t think we want to say that a Suffragan Woman Bishop “represents” all women, but that she ministers “as woman” to all, making sure that that voice/perspective is heard/honored.
relevant legislation:

~ (Current Constitution, Section VII B-laws, Subcanon 3; proposed Statutes, Guidelines for the Selection of Bishops, 1.0; emphasis mine):  "...Qualified clergy may be elected as Vicarial Bishops by the Communion (and given episcopal ordination, if necessary) to serve particular geographic areas or particular populations.

~ (Current Constitution, Canon 64.2; proposed Statutes, Guidelines for the Selection of Bishops, 2.0; emphasis mine):  "The bishop represents the people that he or she was elected to serve. The bishop serves as a unique symbol of unity in the diversity of the Church as the Body of Christ."

~ (proposed Statutes, ECC Sacramental Guidelines):  "The ministry of bishop... 'bridge builder.'"
General Discussion / possible resolution on raising up a woman Suffragan Bishop
« Last post by mnicosia on June 23, 2016, 12:24:57 PM »
Just throwing this out there. Thinking of submitting a Resolution for consideration at SYNOD 2016. 

In +Francis's Call To Convene Our Synod, he highlights the role of women:  "From the beginning the ECC has been inclusive of the gifts of women.  Let’s assess how we are living out this original commitment in practice and where we may be called to grow.  Are we building a church for our daughters that our daughters would want to live in and live out of?"

Is it possible to call for the election and ordination of a female Suffragan Bishop?  We've had Suffragans for various special apostolates... not that she would have an apostolate solely to women but to us all as a woman.  I think it's about time we have a woman's voice and witness among our bishops, and we may not have to wait around until some region or diocese raises one up.

There may be valid considerations against such a proposal, but it's worth throwing it out there for consideration.  It might be a valuable topic for discussion at the Women's Caucus.  If a Resolution proposal is the proper route to pursue, I would like to hear if there's any buy-in.

blessings, Michael
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