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Office of the Presiding Bishop

Canon 4.1 The Presiding Bishop shall be responsible to establish an administrative body, which shall include a Chancellor, and other officers as deemed necessary in order to fulfill the duties of the Office of Presiding Bishop. The Presiding Bishop may also establish standing committees or ad hoc committees in order to further the mission of the Communion.

Bishop Francis Krebs

The Most Reverend Francis Krebs

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ECC Administrative Office:
Ecumenical Catholic Communion
483 E. Lockwood Avenue, Ste. 3
St. Louis, MO 63119

Officers of the OPB:

Chancellor: George von Stamwitz, Esq.

Treasurer:  Susan Hunt

Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR) Ambassador:  Charlie Davis

Ecumenical Officer:  Rev. Giovanna Piazza

Church World Service Liaison: Fr. Mike Bober

Director of Growth Team: Fr. David Gerardot

Webmaster:  Bill Hanzel

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