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The Ministry of the Presiding Bishop
by Bishop Peter Elder Hickman

A.   "We will devote ourselves to prayer..." I begin with what has become for me the most important task of this holy office of the Presiding Bishop, namely prayer. When I served for many years as a parish pastor prayer was certainly a part of my life. However, apart from the liturgies I participated in, my practice of prayer was sporadic and occasional. But in my role as the Presiding Bishop I have learned to become a person of prayer. So I disciplined myself to set aside time for frequent prayer. Spending time with God in prayer has become a tremendous grace to me and an absolute necessity in this work.

"Chosen by All"
A Pastoral Letter to the People
of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Concerning the Active Voice of All
in the Selection of the Presiding Bishop

   Episcopal Council

August 28, 2013 A.D.
Feast of Saint Augustine of Hippo, bishop and doctor
Dearest Sisters and Brothers of Our Beloved Communion,

Greetings in Christ Jesus, our Shepherd!

We come to you as your brothers who serve you and are deeply committed to our constitutional mandate: "The ministry of bishop is particularly one of guidance as first shepherd. The episcopal ministry is one of evangelism, continuity and unity". And so our service to you is one rooted in the preaching of the Good News, assuring an uninterrupted connection to our Catholic tradition and safeguarding our unity in faith and relationship to one another in Christ.

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Here Am I Among You as One Who Serves

Reflections on the role and function of a diocesan bishop within the ECC

by Rev. Thomas Altepeter


The Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) has experienced significant growth since its founding over 10 years ago. As a result, there has been an emerging need to evolve a somewhat different form of organization - in essence away from one national diocese under the pastoral leadership of the Presiding Bishop, to a network of semi - autonomous dioceses across several continents, each having their own synodal structure and episcopal leadership, while each remains in meaningful relationship with one another. This is the model that was envisioned and intended by the founders of the Communion. Within the Communion's constitution, and other key documents, there are some principles and parameters to help guide this development.

ECC Video

Published on Aug 27, 2013
A documentary about the ECC
Published on Oct 30, 2012
Bishop Peter speaking to the delegates of the 2012 ECC Synod


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